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I sell BGM materials that can be used for personal video production

* Individual does not mean the name of a corporation, but individual = for general consumers.

As a BGM composer, good music

I am particular about affordable prices 🙋‍♂️

1 tune ¥530 yen (excluding tax)

Please check the exchange for the exact price.


Why provide music

I pondered why I sell music because I sell it.

With the further spread of the Internet, the number of individual content creators, including myself, is increasing dramatically.

I've been uploading videos recently,

I started it with such a desire to support video creators of similar individuals.


* As mentioned above, the individual here is an individual for a corporation.


For that purpose, I was thinking about how to provide BGM in a timely manner.

In the original music work management, there is a part that is complicated and hesitant to use.

"Buy BGM → use"

If you make it as simple as buying something, you can easily use it for original video content,

I thought it would be easy to use for video production.

However, when I stand on the side of personal use, one song costs thousands of yen or tens of thousands of yen, and I can't continue to use it.

I thought that if you could purchase one song for about one coin, you could use it in a variety of ways.

It is a price that can be offered because everything from production to sales is done by one person.

The quality is no different from the sound sources sold above that.

Drink coffee and eat lunch.

So that you can use the music with Music on a daily basis.

I put that thought into the price.


Can be used for video production

530 yen per song (plus tax)

If you buy it, you can use it forever

  • Q. Who is it for ?
    A. It is intended for individuals, not corporations. (Preparing separately for corporate use)

  • Q. What are the uses?
    A. It can be used for original videos such as for Youtube.
    Since we are not registered with copyright management organizations such as JASRAC, there is no need to worry about the collection of fees by copyright organizations.
    It is also possible to earn Youtube advertising revenue from the produced videos without any problems.

  • Q. What is the usable range of videos?
    A. Please be within the scope of public order and morals.
    In addition, it cannot be used for content whose main material is provided, such as BGM channels.
    Please see the terms of use for details.

  • Q. How much does it cost?
    A. It is a flat rate of 530 yen (plus tax) per song .

  • Q. What do you pay for?
    A. For the right to use as BGM.

  • Q. What is the copyright?
    A. The copyright is not abandoned, it belongs to the creator (Fukagawa).

  • Q. How many times can I use it?
    A. Once you purchase a song, you can use it for unlimited videos.

  • Q. Can I give it to others?
    A. Only the purchaser can use it. Please introduce this site by all means.

  • Q. Do I need credit notation?
    A. It is not a mast, but if you let us know that you are using it, we will introduce it to you.

  • Q. Is it possible to process BGM?
    A. It is possible to perform necessary processing for movies such as loop processing and sound quality adjustment.

Please also read the terms of use .